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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Magnetic?

How does Magnetic work?

How does Magnetic differ from ordinary sticky notes?

How long does the static charge last?

What is Magnetic made of?

Is there any way to recharge Magnetic?

Is Magnetic’s static charge harmful to electronic devices or credit cards?

Is Magnetic Recyclable?

Does Magnetic have a shelf life if left in the packaging? Will it lose its charge if I don’t open it?

How Do I Use Magnetic?

What can Magnetic be used for?

Why are my Magnetic products falling off the wall?

Which writing implements are best to use on Magnetic?

Can I use both sides of Magnetic?

Are Magnetic products dry erasable?

Can I print my company’s logo on Magnetic products?

Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Magnetic Notes

Remove 1 sheet at a time.

Stick to a dry, dust-free, flat surface.

Slide, don’t remove.

Hands off!

Use indoors.

Use the right writing utensils.

Store in a dry place at room temperature.