FAQ & Tips


How does Magnetic work?

Magnetic is made of statically charged polypropylene film. Rather than using glue to adhere, Magnetic clings using a stable static charge. Remember rubbing a balloon against your hair and sticking it to the wall as a kid? The same science lies behind Magnetic.


How does Magnetic differ from ordinary sticky notes?

Magnetic is a major improvement over regular sticky notes in almost every way. Its front, colored side is a smooth, satiny surface that makes your handwriting more beautiful than ever before, while its back side is dry erasable. Magnetic provides LONG-LASTING, full-surface adhesive coverage (no dog-earing!) using static charge instead of glue, which means no sticky, messy residue. It is 100% recyclable. But best of all? You can stick and slide Magnetic around without even removing it from the wall!


What can Magnetic be used for?

The applications for Magnetic are endless. Magnetic is an amazing tool for brainstorming, mind-mapping, planning, working in teams, teaching, agile development, entertaining, drawing, decorating your interior, and of course, leaving notes for your family or colleagues. And those are just a few of the practical uses!


Is Magnetic printer friendly?

Magnetic Notes, Magnetic Pads, and Magnetic Boards are NOT printer friendly. Magnetic Sheets, which are currently available everywhere but the USA, are our only printer friendly product. Please note that they are intended for use in laser printers only.


Why are my Magnetic products falling off the wall?

If used properly, Magnetic can stick for weeks and even months at a time. Here are a few tips to ensure long-lasting stick. First, make sure you remove only one sheet at a time. Magnetic is made of thin material, so it is easy to accidentally remove two or three sheets at a time, drastically reducing their static charge. When peeling it away from the packaging, rub your fingers together on the sheet to make sure you’re grabbing just one. Second, use Magnetic only on dry, dust-free, smooth surfaces indoors, away from moisture and air conditioning. Third, slide, don’t remove. One of Magnetic’s coolest features is that you can slide it around without removing it from the wall. Fourth, touch Magnetic as little as possible – it works best when clung to a surface and left alone.


How long does the static charge last?

The duration of charge depends on several factors, such as surface area, external environment, dust levels, and the texture of the target surface. In ideal conditions, Magnetic Notes can stick for as long as several weeks to several months, while Magnetic Pads can stick for as long as several months to a year. Magnetic products perform better in dry, temperate, dust-free environments. Like any adhesive stationery, Magnetic does not stick forever. When we invent something that does, you’ll be the first to know!


Which writing implements are best to use on Magnetic?

Magnetic is compatible with almost any writing utensil, but for the best experience we recommend ballpoint pens, permanent markers, or erasable pens. We do not recommend gel pens, because the ink takes awhile to dry and tends to smear. For the dry erasable back, we recommend non-permanent, water-based marker. Alcohol-based markers can damage the surface and are more difficult to erase.


Is there any way to recharge Magnetic?

Magnetic can be partially recharged. To recover some (but not all) of the static cling, simply rub the front side of the product onto your clothes or hair, then restick it to the desired surface.


Can I use both sides of Magnetic?

Yes, and for that reason Magnetic just might be one of the most versatile paper solutions in the world. The colored front side serves as a writable surface for pens, pencils, or marker, while the shiny back side is like a dry erasable whiteboard that you can use time and again.


Are Magnetic products dry erasable?

The back side of Magnetic products is dry erasable. The colored front side serves as a regular, non-erasable, writable surface for pens, pencils, or marker.


Which forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and bank transfers. We do not currently accept AmEx, Discovery, PayPal, or checks. Please note that if you select the "pay via invoice" option, you are required to make the bank transfer before we can ship out your order.


I tried to place my order using an AmEx card, but it won’t work. What’s wrong?

We do not currently accept AmEx or Discover – only Visa and MasterCard. We apologize for the inconvenience!


Why is it called Magnetic if it’s not actually magnetic?

We’re glad you asked. When we were naming Magnetic, our main goal was to come up with a brand that would be clear and understandable to everyone, regardless of their native language. Not only is Magnetic a word that crosses language boundaries; it sounds pleasant to the ear. And of course, Magnetic instantly describes what our product does – sticks and slides around!


What is the difference between Magnetic Notes and Magnetic Pads?

The only difference between Magnetic Notes and Magnetic Pads is size. They are based on the same material and technology.


Can I erase on the front/colored side of Magnetic?

No. The colored side of Magnetic serves as a regular, non-erasable, writable surface for pens, pencils, or marker. Only the shiny white back side of Magnetic is dry erasable.


Can I print my company’s logo on Magnetic products?

We do offer the possibility of customized covers for end consumers (for example, corporate giveaways). We do not offer private labels for resale. If you’re interested in purchasing customized Magnetic products, send us an e-mail at .



How much does shipping cost?



What is Magnetic made of?

Magnetic is made of polypropylene film, a recyclable thermoplastic polymer.


Is Magnetic’s static charge harmful to electronic devices or credit cards?

No. The stable static charge has absolutely no effect on any surface. Magnetic is safe to use on credit cards, screens, electronics, and any other smooth surface.


Does Magnetic have a shelf life if left in the packaging? Will it lose its charge if I don’t open it?

No. Magnetic only begins to lose its static charge once you remove a sheet from the package. Magnetic can maintain its static charge indefinitely as long as you leave it in the packaging.


Since Magnetic is not made of paper, which recycle bin should throw it in?

You should throw your used Magnetic in the bin for plastic products.


Can I use Magnetic outdoors?

We do not recommend Magnetic for use outdoors because its static charge is sensitive to wind and humid atmospheric conditions.


Is Magnetic water resistant?

No. Moisture can cause Magnetic to lose its static charge, so for best results, use Magnetic in dry conditions.